About us

Bringing European quality to the Australian market

European Hardware is the first Australian flooring company bringing indoor/outdoor flooring to our shores at an unbeatable price. We offer indoor and outdoor flooring products that can be used to complement each other for the ultimate finish.

Not only do we specialise in French Oak, we are the only Australian company to offer pre-finished solid merbau decking, meaning you get to choose your own finish in a greater variety of colour choices.

Whether you’re a home owner/renovator, builder, developer, architect or designer, we offer you the best quality and price on our products. From supply to installation and after-care, we can also offer an end-to-end service that ensures a seamless experience, quality job and happy customer.

Our competitive prices reflect only a fraction of the quality we deliver, making European Hardware a leader in affordable international flooring products.

 Why choose European Hardware?

At European Hardware, we bring many points of difference to the Australian market.

We cut out the middle man

By offering product direct from the importer right through to installation, we ensure end-to-end accountability by controlling the supply, quality of the product, installation and after-care support.

Indoor/outdoor finishes

We are the only Australian company supplying pre-finished solid merbau decking in a number of shades and finishes. We help you select outdoor flooring that complements the indoors, to create a seamlessly blended living space.

We can match or contrast decking beautifully to our own French Oak range, existing indoor flooring or any other indoor product.

We offer a cost-effective, luxury solution for all homes and businesses for indoor and outdoor flooring, decking, cladding, roofing and so much more.

European quality and style - guaranteed

Our French Oak is some of the highest quality in Australia. It can even be used with under-floor heating and will stand the test of time – providing a 25-year structural guarantee.

Our pre-finished solid merbau decking brings the latest in decking material to our shores. For the first time, Australian customers can choose from a range of colours and finishes to best match their décor. Our merbau decking offers a 50-year structural guarantee.

Our brand and manufacturing partner is across the latest in European décor, so our range remains relevant and versatile.

 We take the risk out of the process

We’ve fostered strong relationships with our overseas manufacturer and ensure that our products are the highest quality standards, are delivered on time and are quality assured by our team.

If you’ve dealt directly with overseas suppliers, you may have found it difficult due to loss of control of the final cost or product standards. Additionally, if problems do arise, communication break-down or language barriers can make them extremely hard to resolve.

We take the risk out of the process by aligning ourselves with a proven European manufacturer with over 80 years’ experience in the industry, we ensure every step of the manufacturing and delivery process meets our high expectations. This allows us to deliver on our low-cost and quality promise to our customers.

Our Hardware and Timber Products

We are the exclusive distributor of Intra-Parket and StarVintage brands, providing slick, traditional hardwood timber flooring, gentle European oak indoor flooring and stable hardwood outdoor decking